Me and My Stubbornness 之中秋月饼

Due to some stubborn reasons, other than sampling of small slices during the Taka fair and small sampling of the bakerinz snowskin one given by my agent, I refused to intake any other mooncakes … esp those from the ofc.

It had nothing to do with the most simplest reason … that is to lose weight. Anyway this reason didn’t serve any effect at all =P

my 1st mooncake offer from Amara

from my neighbour who queued up for them every year

joke: Cousin M was wondering why did the young lady holding this in the mrt, cos she thought the paperbag-look-alike was containing the praying stuffs 元宝蜡烛. Come to think of it, it does resemble one, isn’t it? 😀

妈咪 proudly brought 大妹, T and 小王子 with her to the CC for the collection of the mid-autumn festive goodie bag before the celebration dinner starts.

these were the stuffs inside the goodie bag … with only $2 contribution per pax :-O

Me and My Stubbornness 之中秋月饼

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