Edogawa Japanese Teppanyaki @ Novena Velocity

Tucked near the end of Velocity lies a newly opened jap restaurant namely Edogawa Japanese Teppanyaki. It was a rather cosy and quiet place, best for long chat.

They do have a teppanyaki counter, but since we were not having teppanyaki food, we requested to move away from the given table near it to a further one instead inorder to stay away from the 油烟味.

Menu was of low resolution pix. I kept emphasising that my pix were far more suitable than theirs … which could be easily compared … and which I AM confident with! ^___*

But I do like the interior, mainly using of bamboos and woods.

Food wise I would say so-so only cos really not that fantastic. At least not a place where I would specially travel 30-40mins to 😀

I like this set of teapot with cup.

Grilled Mackerel (S$11.80)
the taker enjoyed these though she returned mainly for the other fish which happened to be out of stock

Eel Don (S$16.80)
mine – I have a craving for don and so this order. the eel was nice but nothing compare to the one at wasabi tei =P

Tofu (S$6.80)
The sauce used was nice, but the whole dish was too filling @_@

Assorted Kushiyaki (S$23.80)
the teriyaki sauce used on the eel and yakitori was too salty.
chicken winglets tasted very much like our very own marinated ones for bbq-ing … which suddenly made me miss the bbq session 😦

Assorted Tempura (S$12.80)
the serving doesn’t look nice so I din take any pix of it. nothing special too. not crispy at all.

Chilled Soba (S$8.80)
same goes for this. the soba doesn’t look appetising to me. ordered by the preggie taker.

this refreshing matcha ice cream with watermelon cubes was complimentary inclusive in our set meal.

There was a 20% discount promotion … which I wasn’t sure when it will ends though =P

Edogawa Japanese Teppanyaki @ Novena Velocity

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