Shop Shop Shop! F8 Hello Kitty! Go Go Go!

The standard of living in MLK seems to have increased tremendously. Aside from the almost x2 exchange rate difference, such cheap pricings could hardly be found in MLK nowsaday. And so, J was happily 血拚-ing away with clothings, shoes and BAGS!!!

We were too late to travel by mrt to reach chinese garden at 7pm and so decided to take cab down instead. But the cab fare from orchard to chinese garden cost us $27+ @_@ … this really taught me a ‘GOOD LESSON’ to think twice when I take any cab from then on …

It started to get very windy where drizzle followed. Just as I stepped into the “Foodie’s Hangout”, it started to POUR!

Yes! It was a heavy downpour. We were rather lucky to secure a table before the downpour but not many others. The whole “Foodie’s Hangout” was fully packed with ppl running in to take shelter. The food stalls were soon ‘flooded’ with raining water as time went by.

We couldn’t leave the place earlier cos other than 花鼠仔 who’s pram housed a big ‘pram-raincoat’, I was the only one with a brolly @_@. Everyone were strenched for an hour+ before we decided to make a fast move to the mrt as the rain started to get smaller.

The ‘adventure’ didn’t end here though.

‘Violent adventure’ approached as we proceeded to the taxi stand to catch cab home instead. Everyone were getting cold and tired then.

As usual, cabs were mostly out of sight on a rainy time when u needed them most. Many of the ppl in the queue started to call for cab, while still waiting for empty cab to save booking fee. And so, soon only left a grp of 3 gals and an indian family before our turn.

1 of the 3 gals left in a cab leaving the other 2 behind. Soon an empty cab arrived. By rite it should be the gal’s turn to take up the cab, but realised later that it was called by the indian family.

The worst happening was, there was a grp of 3 or 4 chinese workers who ‘spung’ from behind the taxi stand board, wanted to ‘snatch’ the cab. Even after the indian family boarded the cab, they continued to stand on the taxi bay. I could see the shock face from the 2 gals. And I had no idea where I got the gut from (maybe becos I wasn’t alone :P) to actually ‘told’ them off … politely though … to queue up cos everyone in the long queue was doing so.

One of the guys was rather reluctant to move, but guess his buddy knew where they were then … cos this is SINGAPORE and NOT CHINA. But even when they were in the queue at the back, when an empty cab approaching the stand, the same ‘snatching’ guy went out to the bay again. The 2 gals seemed so helpless and I just went out to signal the cab over. By then AL was enraged and shouted at the guy, who still dare to shout back “不可以就不可以…喊什么喊!”.

I guess the whole incident had frightened some of the ppl from the queue, esp the 2 gals and the couple with a little girl queuing rite behind us. Soon the 2 gals boarded the cab together while I saw the couple trying to call for cab =P

When an empty cab arrived (all hotlines were engaged!!!), inorder to prevent any worst situation by leaving first and left AL alone, we forced him to take over this cab. Anyway we din wait too long for the next empty cab to arrive. By then it was 11pm+, and luckily 大妹 whole family had left by mrt earlier on.

Well, it was indeed an adventurous nite for Cousins M and J huh ^____*

Shop Shop Shop! F8 Hello Kitty! Go Go Go!

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