Post Birthdays Dinner

We had reached the beginning of Sep and we still had yet to pass the bd gifts to the 2 bd gals who’s bd fell on the last week of Aug.

Someone decided to fly kite again until I told her about the ‘collection’ :-\ Moreover if she dun come, my angbao for her coming wedding will be a debit note with some coins added ***evil smile***

We decided to meet up at Taka for their mid-autumn festive fair. After sampling some of the mooncakes, we left for dinner at Pasta Cafe before returning to buy any.

inorder not to tempt 妈咪, I decided not to buy any mooncakes, except the 竹笼饼 which was for her, while the rest were mine : )

The last I came here was 2yrs+ ago. The cafe had been renovated for a yr or 2 if I could remember, but I preferred the previous interior which was cosier then.

Soup of the Day – Clam Chowder (S$3) / Wild Forest Mushroom (S$4)
our overall conclusion was … they tasted salty … but then I still finished it up … hehehe …

Carbonara (S$13.50)
Just a chunk of ham and canned mushroom on cream pasta … nothing special 😛

Mentaiko Cream Pasta (S$12.90)
Ok, this will be my 1st and last try. Kinda fishy. I was expecting sourish instead cos of the fish roe.

Sambal Marinara (S$17.90)
This dish looked safer …

Grilled Chicken MM (S$16.80)
Just another ‘safe’ dish =P

Appetizer Sampler (S$12)
I wrongly mistaken the fried calamari for fried chicken meat which tasted so similar. The rest tasted simple but nothing else.

Hawaiian Pizza (S$15)
The bread was hard like a biscuit. This tasted more like those speedy microwaving
pizza which we could purchase from 7-11 or supermarket. Not worth ordering at all.

Gosh! Their standard dropped so much …

I have been very ONz with reusing of gift boxes and ribbons …
look at how I managed to roll the whole lingerie set into the box …
dun u think it will be a waste to be thrown away? … save cost somemore =P

As usual, we LooooVE to end our day with some serving of desserts and so ended up at Swensen with wham bam yam, macadamia mania, sticky chewy chocolate ice creams 😀

So our next mass meet up will be at EK’s wedding nite … c u all then! ^____^

Post Birthdays Dinner

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