Gone Were The ‘Safe’ Neighbourhoods We Used to Have

‘self-portrait’ taken in 2004

No matter how he try to hide by avoiding topic on this, I know he is actually very upset that his bonsai has been stolen in the middle of the nite.

He had been taking care of it for almost 25yr+. Not only does he feel sad, I do feel a sense of lost too.

a ‘grp’ photo taken during 2007 CNY

wat a pathetic sight now 😦

I had wanted to make a police report, just to warn the rest in the block to beware of such sickening ppl loitering around in our neighbourhood (our neighbours have all been warned).

Just like the recent case on some fake contractors that went around asking ppl that the authority has released news of re-cementing of the ceilings and fixing of window gills. Someone must have made a police report cos few days later, notices from town council were put up at all lift lobbies warning residents about the scam.

Anyway, before we can do anything, 妈咪 stopped us from ‘creating troubles’, telling us not to make a mountain out of a molehill cos things were lost/stolen everyday. I dun mind if shoes were stolen cos I dun put expensive shoes outside my doorsteps anyway, but this is a painstaking gardening work leh. **sigh**

Whoever u are, dun u let us see u selling it anywhere, cos we had made identity on it … ***evil smile***

Gone Were The ‘Safe’ Neighbourhoods We Used to Have

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