The Help May Be Minimal, But Every Efforts Count

So this is oso part of sustainable development’s effort.
(directed from –

I do support this idea.

I have been having this long thought of how I can reuse those dispensers. I have started using refill packs for shower, handwash and detergents, and I have been searching and asking around for any shampoo refill packs which dun seems to be in any production.

But even though they are refill packs, the amount of chemical used for making them are quite substantial too. Whether we are using dispenser bottles or refill packs, lots of energy/chemical is still needed in order to break them down before they can be recycled. These goes the same for plastics (which included non-biodegradable ones) and papers collected from the recycleable bin.

I vaguely remembered my mum used to prepare those emptied soya sauce bottles, waiting for an uncle who carried a tin of soya sauce to every doorsteps and refill them directly. And whenever she was out to pack back food, she will carry a food tin with her. All these acts may be for cost saving purposes back then, but they did served as a good way of saving the environments.

Nowsaday whoever were to do the same will receive frowns from the hawkers as if u have resulted them in extra work, cos they were so used to ‘measuring’ of the amt of food volume thru their little container, any amt out of that they might find it difficult to charge for.

I had however started not to accept disposible utensils if I were to pack back. To reject the use of them will cut down their orders of those, thus will cut down the productions of such which in turn help to cut down the destroying of plants/trees. Anyway they might be produced in an unhygienic way, why take the risk?

Actually this prompt another question to the supposedly traffic controlling thru ERPs. Why cun they just import lesser of cars instead? This not only can reduce the usage of them with carbon monoxide polluting the air, there will be lesser ppl owning a car, and thus lesser traffic. Well, since they strongly encouraged everyone to travel by public transports …

Anyway, why does a small country which only a red dot on the map need so many cars? Worse were those who owned a sport car … where traffic lights are everywhere. Ridiculous …

The Help May Be Minimal, But Every Efforts Count

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