Breeks Again!

2nd Breeks trip in 3 days. As MZ needed to purchase something from Taka, we went for the branch at NAC.

Traditional Caesar Salad (S$6.50)
just normal taste … as wat the name said “traditional” …

Cream of Mushroom from the additional S$3 promotion set (cheaper on weekdays)

Buffalo Wings (S$5.50)
I thought different branches might prepare differently … their quality control was good as they were equally sweet as wat I ate at MS 😛

Pan-seared Blackpepper Seabass (S$16.90)
I guess the weird taste came from the grapefruit sauce that scared Cat away

Cajun Blackened Fish (S$15.90)
same for MZ’s cajun spice 😛

Baked Dory glazed with Lime Chili Sauce (S$15.90)
mine was the better choice of the lot … lime chili sauce that taste like thai sauce was still a safe choice 😛

Our desserts ^___^

Tonite was just a pre meet up before tml’s dinner gathering with 2 other bz mums.

Breeks Again!

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