Fireworks Celebrations 08

Right on the following day, the foursome met up again for another day of fun.

Well, it was none other than the fireworks celebrations at marina bay floating gallery. The response (of my frens) for this year round wasn’t that great. Maybe many were ‘frightened’ by the long sweaty walk together with the crowd towards the floating gallery.

I would say we had very good planning this time. We decided to head straight to marina sq for our early dinner, shopping around before we headed off exit thru their side exit toward the 1st entrance of the floating gallery where our watching block was. Other than the obstruction of the drizzle that didn’t seems to stop since we met, the walk to the floating gallery was simply smooth.

Minestone Soup from the additional S$5 promotion set

Breeks Chef Salad (S$8)
a very meaty salad cos there were lots of chicken meat slices in them

Breeks Buffalo Wing (S$5.50)
very crispy and tasty wings but they could be more perfect if the marinated sauce was less sweet

Baked Seafood Pasta Mornay (S$14.90)
a wow-wow-looked dish that was full of ingredients but the taste was rather bland 😦

Fish & Shrimp Lafaye (S$15.90)
PL’s one however was tastier. Pan-seared dory was perfectly grilled without taste of fishiness.
If you want to have a bit of pasta n grilled fish at the same time, this will be a better choice.

BBQ Half Chicken w Pepper Cream Sauce (S$15.90)
A very meaty and dry dish for me. NL finally had her taste of chicken after having chinese local food in HK for too long 😛

Hotplate Salmon Steak (S$16.90)
The display seemed rather over. The pan-seared salmon steak wasn’t bad but the vege ingredients on the hotplate seemed oily to me.

dessert from the same S$5 promotion set
sometimes a simple wall’s ice cream wasn’t a bad choice either

It used to be so much fun in a carnival (more commonly known as fun fair), but I guess our heart has turned ‘old’ to enjoy it now 😦 I had wanted to take pix with the balloon girls, but the rest weren’t too interested in that and I was paisey to take it alone … so … 😛

Today’s fireworks display was from the korea team where korean drama fans would immediately recognised where the music came from. The most obvious one was none other than the famous history drama, Da Chang Jin (大长今). Somehow thruout the whole fireworks, all the music and the displays didn’t seems to comply much, which I felt a sense of stupidity here. The displays were too simple and lack of creativity. And so there weren’t much for me to capture down from my clips to show out here.

Ironically, though the music and the uncreative displays did make me feel stupid, every display shown infront of me still have yet to fail me in giving an unknown sense of blissfulness. Maybe that was why I like to watch fireworks so much … minus out the crowd though …

The organiser was rather well prepared since last yr experience I guess, cos the dispersing of the crowd was very much under control. They had arranged another route of exit which was near the traffic lights for easy accessing.

Last yr we walked all the way to liang seah st for our supper. This year however we were so lucky to find a table for us at Cafe Cartel @ Raffles City. Our mentality told us that we had early dinner and so could order more for supper … though we weren’t really so hungry to go for this big spread =P

complimentary breads

Turkey & Bacon Sandwiches (S$8.80)
bacons weren’t too salty and hence the whole sandwich were crunchy and good.

Supreme Platter (S$11.50)
just some common tasted fried breaded fish, chips, fish & chicken nuggets, and onion rings

Cartel’s Spicy Wings (S$5.80)
Spicy? No leh … but they were crispy and ‘juicy’ 😛

Chocolate Fantasy (S$7.80)
we ended with a more guilty dessert 😛

Fireworks Celebrations 08

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