A Nite Date With The Animals!

Know wat? It was my 1st trip to Nite Safari lor … dun laugh … hehehe …

Raining Saga

It was raining cats and dogs late in the afternoon and even when we were about to set off from work, and so we were wondering whether the trip will still be on … since this was a self-organised trip (most of us thought it was their RC organised one … cos proper RC-like poster was circulated out).

Transport Saga

It was nearly knocking off hr when I realised that the bus where we were supposed to take only operate during the weekends. My hp which ‘suay suay’ getting low batt had been receiving calls and sms, with non-stop blinkings from my msn after my mass ‘annoucement’. I was ended up taking over the role of checking for shorter cab/bus routes, but with the help from JT too. It was such a relief after informing all the concerned parties on the change of meet up pt.

And all these while, AG, the main ‘organiser’ but a sotong one, stayed so calm throughout the whole episode … just like wat she always do :-\

Since the rain stopped when we had all gathered at AMK interchange, other than CL who came back from her official Bintan recce trip in the late afternoon withdrawed last min, the rest, AG, PL, NL, JT, JT’s sis, and me went ahead with the plan.

The 138 bus trips took us approx. 40min (inclusive of the 10mins jam as we turned out to the junction) to reached our destination.

we bought all 5 tix under the 50% dis from the NDP coupon and NL’s tix under 50% dis from NTUC bd mth ^___* **save save**

As it was near 8pm after purchasing the tix, we went in search for a eating place and sat down at Ulu Ulu Restaurant only to realise the atrocious food pricings they had. How can anyone spent S$12 for a bowl of S$3 worth of laksa or prawn mee? Anyway, we could only see few foreigners having meals there.

We headed off to Bongo Burgers immediately, which was of reasonable prices.

Bongo Beef Burger S$12.50

Jumbo Hot Dog S$11.50

Safari Lamb Burger S$12.50

BBQ Chicken Burger S$12.50

Fish & Chips S$14.50

I would say all the above were good. Every dishes were served in zebra print plates and sauce container, placing on a zebra print table top.

Though the pricings as compared to Ulu Ulu were so much reasonable, but still on a higher side as compared to the other branch at Bird Park, with their jumbo hot doy selling at S$9.50 and fish & chips at S$9.90.

Best part was, each meal came with a free drinks. Just like this ice lemon tea which cost S$4.

We decided to walk by ourselves thru the 3 trails provided on the map, then to take the tram ride for an additional of $10.

We were not supposed to take pix with flash and hence there were not much pix on the animals. Our main search were the lion, tiger, and giraffe.

Half way thru our trails walk, we returned back to the entrance plaza to catch the “Creatures of the Night Show” at 10.30pm.

By the time we watched finish, it was 11+ then. We continued with the walking trails but were focusing more on the search of the tiger and giraffe from a different route.

I specially edited the above pix using my photoshop as I couldn’t snap a good shot of it with my digicam to share out wat we saw. This upper seletar reservoir sight was where the zebra, giraffe and scimitor-horned oryx faced everyday. I did feel a sense of calmness when I saw this. And somehow there was some similarity to the scene where the army set their fort and where Cursoe in movie Water Horse tried to escape from. It should be a nice view during the day.

It was almost 11.40pm when we finally reached to the far end where the zebra and giraffe were, lazing around. Wat more, the crew member from the nearby tram station even came for us as they explained that the lights will automatically be off at 12midnite, and we were to get back to the entrance plaza before that.

We were escorted all the way even though we stepped up our pace to reach the entrance plaza in 10-15mins later. Just in time! **phew!**

Wat an adventure man!

A Nite Date With The Animals!

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