2nd Trip to Wasabi Tei

As NL will be starting her new job on the following day, CL decided to call for a meet up to pass her the belated birthday gifts we had prepared.

And as usual, I arrived early and waited for the 1st to arrive around 6pm. No matter how early we were, there were already a long queue. We waited from 6.15pm till almost 7.15pm before there were 2 empty seats. But those who occupied the rest of the seats had just placed their orders. And inorder not to chance went to the rest in the queue, CL and EK told us to be seated first, thinking the other 2 sitting beside us will finish their meal soon.

But poor CL and EK still stood in the queue for another 45mins to an hour before their chances. Meanwhile, while they were queuing, we took pix on all the dishes we ordered and passed the cam to them who were reachable via our seats … just for them to 望梅止渴 first 😛

still unknown wat it was … can anyone tell me?

Salmon Sashimi
wah! it was fresh and thick … tendering sweet too.

Sea Urchin Sushi
hmm … I preferred those that I ate in hokkaido, though these were soft and sweet too.

California Maki
this was good but too big a serving for 2 of us who had already ordered soooo much 😛

unlike those that I ate elsewhere, each mouthful from this was full of fillings and yet the egg was smooth too. thumbs up!

Unagi (Barbequed)
my goodness! this was my fav of the lot! it was soft and sweet … with a bit of chao-dar taste. a must try dish!

Cod Fish Hotpot
they have seafood hotpot and cod fish hotpot, and we opted for the latter. The chef (aka boss) simply gasped a handful of cabbages and placed into the hotpot … as if the cabbages were free. The cod fish used was fresh and tender too. This was served last, and though 2 of us were near full with the previous dishes, we still couldn’t help finishing up the whole pot, esp the soup.

Guess the 2 of us were too hungry then, comparing our bill of $69 to CL+EK bill of $30+ =P

Little ‘saga’ near the end of our meal

When NL told me that she was very full and seemed to has stopped eating, I felt a sense of panicking, knowing the long queue outside and possible glare from the lady boss (remembering they were famous for their bad temper). However, this NL were still seen munching away with all the veg from the hotpot after I had finally finished up my share of food. Wat more she was ‘feedback-ing’ me of her other job offer as if we were chatting in some cafe. And this went on for … about 10-15mins when CL and EK were even done with their orderings. The lady boss was actually unhappy cos she asked them whether we were waiting for them to finish as she saw us signalling each other every now and then. We were really lucky that the boss and lady boss weren’t in too bad of a temper that day. **phew!**

NL and I left to browse around in the mall before CL and EK met up with us after their ‘fast’ meal.

We were soon seated at McCafe opp for the ‘bd gifts presentations’ 🙂

As I couldn’t afford the Kate Spade green wallet she eyed on, she would have to make do with the lime green QQ Bear one instead =P

And NL passed me these after my ‘appeal‘ … yo! so happy!!!!! ^________________^

… though both couldn’t get the Black Wonder Kitty to make that a complete set …

2nd Trip to Wasabi Tei

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