New Finds In Tiong Bahru Plaza

小旋风 … I’m not referring to Jimmy Lim’s nick used during his prime years in the early 90s, but rather a newly opened restaurant in town.

We happened to chance upon this interesting reno restaurant and after browsing thru their menu, we decided to give it a try.

Ice Lemon Tea (S$2.50 ea)
MZ was shocked to see such a big ‘cup’

It wasn’t that hard not to compare with Imperial Treasure which I frequented, cos the menu was almost similar.

Spicy Sour LaMian (S$6)
as can be seen from the pix, it was rather dilute and oily, which wasn’t spicy enough too.

Golden Crispy Chicken (S$10)
the chicken was however nice and crispy. But there was a hidden bitter taste which was rather familiar … some spices used I guess.

Shandong Pork Dumpling LaMian (S$6.50)
this doesn’t look appeitizing and the dumplings seemed thick.

Shandong Fried Mee (S$9)
basically, all noodle dough were kneaded on the spot which I found it too soft. the only item I like from this dish were the sliced fish.

Stirfried Sliced Fish (S$10)
there were more here …

Fried Bean with Meat (S$7)
I dun really fancy long bean, and so this dish which was called 四季豆 (four-seasons bean) that tasted almost similar din really win over my dislike of it.

All in all, wat made me like this place was … the retro reno … or rather fusion … as in confusion 😛 I have no idea wat concept they belong to.

One look at it, one would think that it was a china-originated chinese restaurant where red was the main theme, and such impression came also becos of their mainly china nationals crews. But if one is more observant enough (kpo in another word :P), one could easier find ‘treasures’ around.

KICKAPOO chalkboard

There were surprises in almost every corner. Just this pix alone, one can find rooster bowls and other china, 70s sitting chairs, an old rediffusion and so on. I was actually sitting beside a wooden cloth-hanging stand.

a menu that looked like martial arts secret manual

a big contra between the mid 1900s drinking powder tin cashier and the computerised cashier

an eating table that used old sewing machine stand.

I saw such creation at the eating section in bangkok’s chaktuchap before. This should rather be categorised into creativity and sustainability.

But wat shocked me was this old fridge, placed just outside the restaurant.

Interesting place indeed ^___^

Not only did this trip to TBP full of surprises with such interesting restaurant around, their basement section had changed alot too. I finally managed to find the candy tin which I had been searching for months at the Yamakawa store newly located at the basement level.

bought this @ popular for 花鼠仔 … it’s time he switches his learning to countings than his familiar phonic learning.

New Finds In Tiong Bahru Plaza

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