Happy Birthday to Singapore!

The clock just strike 12midnite.

It’s Singapore National Day today!

The song that touched me deep down back in 1998 … which still does now.

1987 national day stickers album

Back in school time, I was the PIC for classroom’s deco and noticeboard. I remembered how enthu I was then, drafting and making plans weeks before every festive seasons especially national day. I’m proudly to say that my class had always been the centre of attractions whenever it was near festive seasons. We had won few rounds of noticeboard deco competitions too. ^______^ How I miss those days …

There used to be a “Sing Singapore” competition organised by Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). 小妹 was one of the participants for her school back in 1988. But it seemed since then such competition had stopped which I wondered why. Quite a pity I feel.

There was a year when both sis were involved in the ndp where 小妹 played a part in the performance while 大妹 was one of the ushers. I have never get involved in any, except as one of the group of pri 5 spectators.

Anyway, here’s a small (modest) birthday wish for Spore … hope they can bring back more gold medals this yr. All the best! : )

extracted from Yahoo Photos on Olympics Opening Ceremony

Happy Birthday to Singapore!

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