Hello Kitty Strikes Again!

McDonald Hello Kitty Craze

Just 2 days ago CL msn-ed me from Hong Kong that their Mc is having Hello Kitty toys again. Namely “Colours of Summer” that consisting of 16 toys.

And the purchasing criteria goes:

add HK$10 for any spending at HK$17 onwards


HK$300 package = full set of 16 pcs + shopping bag + 2 special ones + HK$120 (HK$10 x 12) worth of vouchers


add HK$12 for the Black Wonder Kitty, which only selling at 24hr mc between 9pm-4am for any food spent

So for the above, hoping CL or NL who are now at Hong Kong to do something about it … hehehe =P

Chinese Garden Hello Kitty Craze

As I was paying for my bill at the AXS station just few hours ago, this ad catched my attention (luckily no one was behind me queuing to use :-P).


Though we have planned since last yr’s trip to revisit Chinese Garden in the coming Autumn Festival (somemore this time round along with a ‘brand new’ member), with the theme for this year, it’s definately a MUST-GO agenda =D


Hello Kitty Strikes Again!

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