How To Spend A Free Afternoon Half Day Off?

Last yr I spent good time working out my legs for the extra half day off given due to company anniversary day, this yr I was still spending some good time working out my legs (shopping) and mouth (eating) =P

As I dun have much leaves left to ‘waste’ and since they had so much leaves to ‘waste, I suggested our long planning for a good afternoon dining as well as shopping (like wat tai-tais do) on this day instead.

We had wanted to go Ikoi for lunch but seems like timing wasn’t too good for us. And so we decided to have coca steamboat instead.

But just at the very last min, LC couldn’t make it … the one who longed for Ikoi and later suggesting coca steamboat. Since so, the rest of us 3 decided to go somewhere else for (late) lunch instead.

We were supposed to meet up at 1.30pm at Somerset MRT. The supposedly-will-be-late-due-to-company-mini-celebration (ME) was early by 20mins.

MZ (pai-sey): u have reached? I’m still at hm cos brought my son to see doc at paragon.

I thought she would bring her son along then … but no lor … and she was cheong-ing down, meeting up with Cat. So meaning both will be late TOGETHER!!!!!

Ok nvm, since I had errands to run for 老爸 too, I went ahead with mine and gave them a call again when I was done with it.

Pass 1.30pm

Cat: I missed the earlier on bus so have to wait for another 15mins. Oh the bus is here!

So meaning, they haven’t meet up yet? **aiyo**

As we have not decided where for lunch, I suggested carousel (once again) for their 3pm hi-tea instead cos by the time they arrived, I thought we could have their hi tea instead. And so I gave Cat a call again for confirmation as I walked towards the hotel, and she said ok.

Just as I crossed the traffic light, I received a sms.

Cat: How about changing it to shokudo at raffles city?

晴天霹雳 @_@

Me: Just now I asked you whether u want to change venue when I’m nearer to somerset mrt. Now then u say!!!!! I’m now at paragon u know!!!!!

And without waiting for reply, I walked backward to the somerset mrt. Ok, I wasn’t too ‘hot’ then though my msg seemed so … and since I had time to ‘spend’ then.

After crossing another traffic light, I received a reply.

Cat: solly! okok, we lunch at paragon then.

再次晴天霹雳!@_@ I called back and ‘scolded’ instead!

Me: I just reached at Mandarin hotel and u want me to turn back!!!! I dun care! We just find any restaurant at Mandarin hotel!!!! Do u know it’s hot and hazy today!!!! There are so many constructions around that make it worse!!!!

Cat: hahaha…solly solly…I dun mind mandarin hotel…

Me: Ya! U treat! …. or just any restaurant at Taka!!!! I dun care!

I was too tired liao … though I was really very free then.

And so by the time we had our late lunch, it was already 2.30pm. I had been roaming around orchard for 1 hr!!!! @_@ Good workout huh ***sarcastic smile***

Pork Kaminabe (S$12.90)
Not bad. I like the tasty spicy soup base. One thing bad about this was it turned cold very fast though the fire was still burning.

Saba Shio Yaki (S$8.80)
I was still full with the small portion of food that I took from the buffet earlier and so only ordered saba instead of the set with rice, soup and tofu. As long as I dun reject (u will know immediately if it smell) and even finished up the grilled fish, it could still be considered ‘fresh and edible’ 😛

Potato Mentai (S$4.80)
I wasn’t the one who chose this but ended up the only one who took the most of it and literally finished up this CHEESY POTATO! Though the cheesy taste was good, but I could still taste a bit of ‘rawness’ in the potatos.

Salmon Saikyo Set (S$12.80)
The taste of this set wasn’t too good be charged S$12.80

Chicken Toji Set (S$12.80)
At least the pan-fried chicken cutlet w beaten egg set looked more worth it.

Given a choice, I would give this a miss, cos I believed there are places that can serve better kaminabe and potato mentai.

I was very much attracted to the train set and since it was only S$7 for such a cute little set, I decided to buy it for 花鼠仔. Can imagine the excited face of him liao ^^ BTW, I had only bought this train set, the most purchase went to Cat :-O

We ended up at coffee bean after the toys and shoes spree.

High calories but we dun care! =P

It was 6pm+ by the time we parted. But I proceeded to centre pt to meet up with Ms Sotong in helping her out with her maxmobile subscription before her class started at 6.45pm.

Well, that was how I spent my free afternoon half day off. And today is the start of the ghost mth yo! ***bite teeth***

How To Spend A Free Afternoon Half Day Off?

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