B = Bonus OR Birthday

Email Subject: BDAYS

大妹’s Colleague : SUper BZ day today. So howdy any wish list to buy from B day? So looking fw.

大妹 : haha…u still remebr !! thks pal !

大妹’s Colleague : Wat i mean is Bonus not Birthday … hahahhaa

paisey liao!

大妹 : haha…ic…u knw last tme when im not preg, i wrote email to my sis with just “2mth B” then my sis tot i 2mth preg. haha…

Conversations focusing on bonus follows …

Meanwhile, the above emails were forwarded to me …

大妹 : misleading…haha..

Me : Hahaha…dun use B anyhow!!!!!

Ya, 2 yrs ago around this time, she sent me an email with the subject “B”.

That time we all knew she was trying for a bb, and so when she said she had 2mth B, 1st thing that came to my mind was of cos “BB” (pregnant) la, of which I gave her a call immediately asking “真的吗? 真的吗?”. After realising the mistake, laughters were heard from both ends.

Aiyo! Really lor … dun anyhow use “B” … esp for those who are trying out for BABY!!!!! **diao**


Today is 大妹’s birthday, but we have yet to find the ‘not branded but classic, not bright red or chili red but maroon colour, and must have coin compartment’ wallet. 高难度 ! **sweat**

B = Bonus OR Birthday

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