A Crazy Nite @ Carousel

Planning this welcome dinner had never been so difficult before.

Difficult becos of the expanding dept …
Difficult becos of the limited choice of buffet venue that could give us a more privacy corner …

But most importantly, difficult becos of the undecisive of the ‘class’ they wanted to be.

Sadly to say some of them chose to be of the ‘2nd class’ when they insisted on taking the cramped and self-payable mrt ride than a comfortable and claimable cab ride of which was specially arranged to the they-know-who ONLY.

The best part was, I wasn’t even the organiser, and yet I have to ‘voluntarily’ acted as a consultant to one of the organisers, Ms Sotong.

Knowing our 老爸, he would preferred a more ‘privacy’ place instead of an ‘island’ section with 4 round tables between the walkway and the buffet counters as given by Straits Kitchen, I voluntarily made the booking at Carousel knowing they could provide a privacy corner though the buffet rate are ‘much’ lower than those of Straits Kitchen.

Someone who had longed for Straits Kitchen might have decided to give it a miss (last min) knowing of the change. Not only did this lack of sportiness person give it a miss, one of the 2 leads of the nite was on mc too. ***sigh***

Nevertheless, the remaining attendees still spent a great time this nite.

Sitting with the right group of ppl can be very crucial too ^___^

And when fun came, we simply hack care liao =P

We were really in the mood to shoot tonite … or rather Ms Sotong who already planned to eat heartily and taking lots of pix … She CHANGED! :-O

A Crazy Nite @ Carousel

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