Yet Con 逸群 @ Purvis St

I had read the reviews of this traditional hainanese restaurant from a food blog and had wanted to make a trip down since last yr.

It wasn’t until the special request from NL who was still in Zurich then, and had missed the local food, esp tze char, that I suddenly recalled this place.

I felt so ‘at home’ when 1st stepped into this restaurant. Time seems to stand still here. Old 40s interior decos with old floor tiles. The elderly hainanese boss sitting at the wooden counter, communicating in the so-familiar hainanese language to his elderly women assistants. Elderly customers seemed to fill up 3/4 of the restaurant too. Seems like a nice hangout for the elderlys ^^

Hainanese chicken rice which was so tenderly smooth. It might just slip down ur throat without u knowing =P
The chicken rice that was served to us in a small soup bowl was flavourful too.

Roasted pork which CL couldn’t stop exclaiming how good it was … hahaha …

The Hainanese Pork Chops was a ‘must-order’ dish as recommended in the food blog, and so we did!
It was indeed tenderly yummy. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.
I think I can finish them up all by myself, but with a bowl of rice to go along with … hehe 😛

2 choices of steamboat: beef or seafood.
We chose seafood one. I wondered if the items were served as per head or just a standard order, cos we were given 2 plates of them.
Din try the ‘soup base’ which seems like plain water to us. But after everything was cooked, the soup was simply savoury.

Sambal Kangkong which was a bit on the salty and oily side

The homemade lemon barley was nice too. I could still remember the taste as I typed this : )

Will definately revisit this place. And highly recommending it for all hainanese who are looking for authentic hainanese food outside … other than their mum’s homecooked food 😀

One thing to note, please do not exceed 8.30pm if u do not want to waste ur trip there, cos everything will be sold out by then. There were only left with few empty tables when we reached there around 7.20pm. So try to be there earlier.

It was drizzling outside when we left the restaurant.

After settling down at starbucks, NL started to ‘distribute’ her souvenirs and our shopping listed items to us.

CL was happy with her Ovomaltine spread while me with my shotglass : )
Our souvenir was the weird slimming sausage which NL claimed it was very nice.

My buy for today was this cute little one for 花鼠仔 at the last day of the japan fair in BHG ^____^

Yet Con 逸群 @ Purvis St

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