The S$240 Million Giant Ferris Wheel

Finally came the long awaited day!

YT and I met up at chinatown pt for our late lunch before we headed off to our company pick-up pt for setting off to Spore Flyer (world’s biggest observation wheel).

I delibrately made a detour to Ann Siang Hill before we met BS up at maxwell mkt for some desserts … despite the drizzle =P

As it was ndp rehearsal day too, many of the roads were closed, which affected our route to the Spore Flyer too.

Wat meant to be a <15mins ride ended up 30mins, with a ride passing nicholl highway, kallang, geylang … back to nicholl highway before they finally turned in to Spore Flyer.

the group from our capsule

bought this shotglass to add on to my collections ^___^

By the time we were about to set off, fireworks started at the marina bay. We had a good view of it from where we stood and watch the whole fireworks performance before we finally decided to leave the place.

We decided to forgo the chartered bus ride back to our company pick-up pt as we wanted to dine near that area instead. And just as we reached the atrium, the shuttle bus arrived just in time, that brought us to the City Hall MRT.

p/s: now then I know there are actually 4 stops in total … and to think we strained our brain to think of how to get to suntec inorder to avoid clashing with the ndp crowd **faint**
Stop 1: City Hall MRT (bus stop between St. Andrew’s Cathedral and The Adelphi)
Stop 2: Suntec City (bus stop outside Suntec City Convention Centre)
Stop 3: Millenia Walk (bus stop in front of Burger King)
Stop 4: Singapore Flyer

Once again, I suggested dining at Aerins … my truly fav dining place ^__*

Calamari (S$14)
a simply unchewable dish … tough man!

BS’s order – Spaghetti Chicken (S$17)

Mine – Lingurine Marinara (S$21)

YT-aka-Ms Sotong’s order – Spaghetti Chicken (S$17)
same as BS’s order but she changed the sauce to tomato instead … safe choice she feel …

SK’s order – Aerins Tagliatel (S$22)
look at the ingredients! it was indeed the most expensive dish as compared to our 😛

Inorder to be on the safe side, I recommended the nicey Snapper to SK’s mum and YS (sick gal of the day).

After a hearty chat in the mrt ride back, we ended our eventful day of fun and laughters … hippie!!! ^____^

The S$240 Million Giant Ferris Wheel

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