Another Blue Monday …

The 2 gals striked again, when one who feel bored on her off day dragged the other relunctant-to-move-on-a-Monday one.

Why must she be off on MONDAYS???

I had wanted to show her the shop which sell those clothes that we always purchased directly from supplier online. The same clothe which we bought for approx. S$16 was sold as S$59.90 in the shop. Kinda “杀人放火”. Though rental might be higher there, but such price for a batik-like dress which colour runs like nothing, … u know wat I meant?

After browsing around, we ended up at the Kopi Alley for some drinks and ice cream ^___6

Their ice-cream in thick toast was much similar to those ice-cream in a bread oftenly found at those roadside ice cream vendors. However their bread was toasted before it was served to us, which made it crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet in the inside.

Another Blue Monday …

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