Pre-birthday Feast for 大妹

Everyone gathered today to celebrate 大妹 coming birthday on 29th.

Just like some practices of taking 面线 (vermicelli) on his/her birthday, steamboat was our selected ‘practice’.

This time round, in order to avoid ending up with tons of leftovers (as usual), we cut down the preparation of food by half =P

花鼠仔 was very hyper today. Smile and laugh all the way. Especially while watching “Finding Nemo”. And becos he was slightly ‘scaled’ by the not-yet-cool-down-enough porridge, he started sticking out his tougue for testing before any mouthful after that.

Ok, now for the 伤脑筋 part, 大妹’s birthday gift.

She wanted a wallet … criteria: not branded but classic, not bright red or chili red but maroon colour, and must have coin compartment. So where to find? aiyo …….

Pre-birthday Feast for 大妹

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