Crazy Walk Soon

let’s see if they preach wat they said when the times come

Dunno when was it so dragging to travel by the ‘sandwiching’ MRT during peak hour. To make it worse, I forsee more ppl taking public transports like … MRT … with the increase of ERP gantries at many roads.

Dunno when was it so saddening to hear/read news of more increasing fee in this transport la … that transport la … this surcharge la … that surcharge la …

Sometimes I really wish there are safe walkable paths from my hse to office. Crazy thoughts maybe. I can treat it as an exercise or cost-saving, cos those crowds are already driving me CRAZY @_@

I think I should place an extra walkable shoes in my bag, inorder to accommodate more walkings to/fro for any future hangouts, rather than walking around painfully in heels after work 😦

Crazy Walk Soon

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