Crazy Dining @ Pasta de Waraku

Next Mon is Ms Sotong, YT’s birthday, and so we arranged for a dinner together this nite at marina sq as a birthday treat to her.

Someone ever reviewed that the pasta from Pasta de Waraku wasn’t nice. But it wasn’t as bad as wat she had described to me. If so we wun go into such order craze.

crazy 4 grabbed samplings of starbucks dark mocha frap along the way … cheer! ^^

While waiting for our table, we spent quite some times viewing thru the displays and yet we couldn’t make up our mind even when we finally sat down.

Carbonara Spaghetti Waraku Style (S$12.80)
Ms sotong and BS’s order. From the way they wiped out the food, it should be nice 🙂

Cream Vongole Spaghetti (S$14.80)
I’m hooked onto creamy spag lately … dunno why.
This was good. The creamy taste was just nice, not too thick or too thin.
At least I dun reject it after few mouthful of it due to concentrated creaminess where one would feel sick of.

Tomato Cream Seafood Fettuccine (S$16.80)
SK’s order. Have a try on this and found that the tomato cream tasted good too.

Calamari (S$8.80)
Crispy outside and tender in the inside, but a bit on the oily side though.

Regular Pizza Scallop & Prawn (S$12.80)
Quite disappointed with their pizza.
It was too thin which taste much like a flated naan (naan is tastier) with some thin cheese and seafoods on it.

Okonomi Cheese (S$8.80)
Woo … simply cheesing … But can someone tell me wat those 2 dippings or sauces are for? We simply push them aside 😛

Lemon Squash (S$2.80)
The sourness of this drink nearly squeeze the hell out of us man! But maybe it’s good for food digestion ba …

Tiramisu Parfait (S$8.80)
Very pretty displayed dessert. We were debating who to take wat from the glass. The tiramisu was extremely hard, but the liquor taste was quite strong, which was the only part I like of this mini cake. Overall I find it too sweet for my taste.

Macha Azuki Parfait (S$6.80)
The macha ice cream was too creamy for my taste. I preferred a stronger green tea fragrance with lighter creamy taste.

Total damage here was S$129.47 :-O … we must be real crazy tonite =P

There was once while we were joking and laughing away, the manager (a foreigner) slipped his hand and overturned the plate (with some leftovers from another table) right inbetween SK and a girl from the next table. Both were damn luckily with no splash or watever on them. The man was however very apologetic. But I would rather he give us some discounts for the ‘shock’ he gave us =P

The crews were vvvvery poooolite and frrrrriendly … but too much of it really irritated us, cos we were oftenly interrupted by them in the midst of some jokes.

we found some interesting graffiti outside the toilets all the way till the cinema and we started shootings around

It was indeed a fun nite out! ^___^

Crazy Dining @ Pasta de Waraku

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