Sotong Anyone?

Communicating with YT can be ‘frustratingly’ funnie …

Me: u free to go dinner gather with me, sk n bs on tues mah? need to book incase u r busy lor.

I replaced ‘bz’ with ‘busy’ … just incase she …

YT: When?

Me: Tuesday lor. say in my sms just now leh.

I decided to spell out the whole of Tuesday instead of Tues.

YT: Dint see leh. U dint email me lah! I think should be ok

I almost fainted when I read this …

Me: WAKE UP! SMS! u go read my 1st sms. @_@

And then no more reply from her …

I think I should buy a SOTONG plush toy for her coming birthday … or any SOTONG related stuffs :-\

Sotong Anyone?

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