“mind your own business”

This has pondered me much recently …

Is this wat they called ‘office politics‘?

I would interpret it as uncooperative in work, or worse … ‘silent stabbing’ of each other from ‘behind’ … in terms of work.

But it wasn’t that for our case. We were still cooperating well in our work … but purely work related and the boundary simply stopped here.

It was simply the personality of a person that played a big part here. She is the one of a kind I ever saw in my whole working life.

How can a new comer pry so much on her seniors?

How can a new comer sit and talk to seniors in such a no-backbone-posture?

To err is common in any new comers, but not serious at work and not learning from mistakes were simply unforgivable. In a more singlish way, she was simply not GAN JIONG to have thing done quickly when the work she was supposed to do actually need immediate attention.

How can a new comer be so ‘sensative’ to her surroundings, which resulting in popping up of head and staring towards the direction as long as any conversations, irregardless of whether it has anything to do with her? It may be just some short personal conversations, which she will ‘join-in’ at times.

How can a new comer just wait for her seniors to find seats during lunch while she went to queue for her lunch already?

By saying so, we are not those 倚老卖老 ppl who like to bully new comers (in this instant, we seems to be ‘bullied’ by new comer instead), but simply at least find the seats together or help whoever (like wat we always do) to buy lunch since someone simply have to jaga those seats when we were lucky to find a big table to accommodate the big grp, us.

When the seniors informed that they cun lunch with her on some occasions, being a new comer, how can she ask why, where and with who?

How can a new comer comment loudly of her seniors sarcastically saying who and who was lunching together lor? … meaning that’s why cun lunch with her.

Worse … how can a new comer simply interrupt her seniors’ conversations?

We were taught to be modest since ‘young’, be it in written or spoken. And since this wasn’t the first job she took, she should at least know the word ‘mind your own business’.

Ok … maybe FATE/AFFINITY is lacking between her and all 6 of us.

“mind your own business”

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