‘Free’ Lunch @ Snacks in Taiwan

As NL was so free now, we arranged to lunch together today before she set off to Zurich at an unearthly hr coming Mon.

Venue … Snacks in Taiwan (台湾小吃), a restaurant name which is as simple as that. We had the same orders exactly to wat we had 1yr ago.

The difference was, I treated her last yr after receiving my bonus cos she happened to attend courses around this region, vs, she treated me this round … after she was out of job … oh! :-O

Recently I had received news from my colleague that most of the shops will be moving out soon due to the increase of rental. I do not know where this restaurant will be moving to, but I will definately miss their chicken cutlet noodle when they moved out.

So to catch the chance while it’s still around, we decided to dine here, though there are a no. of new restaurants that worth the trying too.

Chicken Cutlet Noodle with any 2 choices of vege (S$5.30)

Cold Tou Fu (S$1.00) that run out very fast.
Century egg bits as topping was rather unusual but still goes well with the blandness of the tou fu.

As the time was still early, we moved to the starbucks nearby and noticed a promotion going on. I decided to try out their Dark Mocha Frappuccino, while NL went for Raspberry one but was wrongly given with Raspberry Black Currant blended juice drink instead. She exclaimed she and her bad choice again! =P

The dark mocha frap was good! The choco taste wasn’t too strong and therefore the whole drink wasn’t too sweet. I love it, so much so that I went around introducing this drink to my colleagues when I returned back to office =P

‘Free’ Lunch @ Snacks in Taiwan

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