Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar

This lunch-gathering was actually discussed over numerous msn. Although timing and date had been fixed 1 or 2 days earlier. It will get everyone confused (esp. me) after numerous of asking for the already agreed meet up time. And so as usual, I was earlier than punctual for such meet up. The restaurant will only opened at 11.30am, and we agreed to meet at 11am which I thought it was the opening hour and so me reached 10.45am.

So … next time dun ask and ask … once confirmed, that’s it! And to avoid such confusing, best is to confirmed over email or sms … well, no choice, I need BLACK AND WHITE!!!

Ok, back to Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar. Quite a nice place to gather. We were EARLY and so could easily find good seats.

We were quite spoilt for choice, but wat make it worse was, I dun really understand some japanese namings though some of them came with English translation too 😛

After making a few rounds and still yet to decide which to order, upon seeing someone carrying her yummy-look-alike order, I ordered one for myself too.

Chicken Katsu Curry (S$7.80)

The chicken katsu was crispy, but the curry turned cold fast. Or was the curry luke warm initially? Anyway, it wasn’t a right choice if one wanted to try more dishes. I din finish up the rice though.

Yakitori (S$2.50) / Pork Asparagus (S$2.50)

Just normal taste for yakitori. Pork asparagus would taste better if the asparagus wasn’t that unchewable.

Gyu Nanban Maki (S$5.80)

They literally roll it as though they were making sushi, before they grilled it and cut it up. Every mouthful was juicy, and it goes well with wasabi too 😛 The sauce was too much though, which made it saltish.

I tried on some of my friend’s orders too.

The crepe with macha ice-cream was good. Love it! : ) And it was the 1st dish that I took, even before I tucked into my curry rice. Too early for a dessert huh 😛

The rosti would be more perfect if the sour cream is sour enough.

I tried on their omelette too. Not my order and I forgotten to ask them wat was inside the omelette. Nevertheless the taste was marvellous. No wonder this was the only stall (at that hour) with a queue.

And lastly, the most simple dish … bean sprouts.

There were 2 more kamameshi orders which I didn’t try, cos it was for 2 bigger kids.

Actually I would like to try on their hot plate ones, but again the ‘pi-pi-pia-pia’ … : ( **sigh**

named as japanese can drink (S$3.50)

We dun seems to see any price stated at their drink stall. This soda drink came out to be S$3.50. Hmm … just cream soda taste but wat’s so special about it that it was so pricely for a can of drink? Mistake …

Short of the 2 bigger kids one which I din take a proper pix of. CT however surprised us with her pregnancy.

Overall spending for mine was about S$26, which I find it reasonable, though someone kept saying hers was only $18+, which solely spent on her and her 2 kids. Well, if compared to Marche, this was really nothing, and the amt was quite normal lor. I was even expecting more than this.

Will definately be back for more ^____* (anyone interested?)

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar

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