Lunchie Treat (fm us) @ Kotobuki

Someone was nice enough to help us purchase and brought back our blue label burberry’s BIG bag, and so BS suggested giving her a thank you treat.

Given a short 1 hr lunch only, we had to choose a nearer restaurant around and finally decided to try out this jap restaurant though it had been badly commented by some yim chim colls 😛 Sometimes it was still better to try it for ourselves to confirm 😀

BS’s – Eel rice (S$12)
She like it. I may try this in my next visit.

LH’s – Bento set (S$18.90)
She enjoyed very much … but the set seems too much for a lunch 😛

Mine – Soba (S$18)
Kinda disappointed 😦 Think I’m hooked on to the one at waraku’s, with a nicer mixed dip too.

Mixed Tempura (S$18)
Another loser dish 😦

Grilled sticks (golden mushroom wrapped with pork belly/chicken meat ball – S$3 each)
Both were nice, but still lose to Shin Kushiya’s 😛

Quite an enjoyable lunch … but as usual, too short of time 😦

Lunchie Treat (fm us) @ Kotobuki

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