Lunchie Treat @ Harry’s Bar

Someone won the naming contest.

I should be one of them too but just becos different contest different organiser different style, my supposedly-winner-for-the-naming-contest gone by the wind 😦

Just find it unfair for me and so me kept complaining … and so … earned this treat from one of the winners, L =P (power me!…hehehe…)

Shared – Herb Mash Potato (S$4)
not really shared … cos I took almost whole of one of the 2 plates. I’m a potato fanatic remember? ^_______*

SC n YT – Teriyaki Chicken Burger (S$14)
I din get to taste for this … but guess it’s just a common chicken burger with teriyaki sauce =P

Mine – Texas Chilli Burger (S$15)
Too dry for my taste. I dun really like it. I had a hard time finishing it up.

BS n L – Tandoori Chicken Wrap ($12)
Tried this on my 1st trip there. If not for my cough, I would have ordered their wraps.
The pita bread was ovened not too hard or too soft. Tandoori chicken was very tender and juicy.

Basically the foods there were marvellous. But just beware! If you thought a juice drink might just cost you at most S$5+/-, then you were wrong! Few of us ordered just a lime juice drink during our 1st trip there and was shocked to know they cost us S$9 each!!! So clever us only asked for free skyjuice (plain water) this round, and they were generous to give you the same glass size too : )

Oh ya! They charged nothing else other than gst charges. Not bad huh? ^___*

This lunch was actually planned with caution. Cos we were trying to get rid of a leech =P

We were happy with just the few old lunch kakis of us … a supposedly mthly good (not hawker food) lunch gathering : )

Lunchie Treat @ Harry’s Bar

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