1st Meet up @ Yan Palace

Finally it was the day for both sides of parents for a meet up session before their ROM day.

Yan Palace was the choice. That time for 大妹’s one was at Fortunate Restaurant. Looks like dim sum is a preferred meal of such meet up. Funnie thing was … most of the time everyone were just eating away … telling everyone to eat, eat, eat … then to say anything related to their ROM. Hahaha … anyway this was only a casual meet up and not those official marriage discussion session.

Luckily we had 花鼠仔 to break any awkward silent that might occur =P


The dim sum were delicious but I din eat much cos I still had not fully recovered from my cough … appetite was bad : (

The ‘youngsters’ went separate ways from the elderlys after the dim sum session. And since we were so near to Chinatown Pt, I brought them to 小妹’s fav cartoon character, Doraemon’s retail shop, where we spent quite some times as 大妹 and T were trying to get a family of 3 similar tees to wear on 花鼠仔’s 1 yr old birthday celebration in Nov.

We ended up at China Sq Central for their Sunday Flea Market. It was my 1st trip for the flea market after their shift from Clarke Quay.

All these while 花鼠仔 had been a very quiet boy … which was rather unusual =P Just when we thought we could had a ‘peaceful’ dinner at Bugis V8, he started to make noise. He must had been in the pram for too long and feel real BORED … heehee …

1st Meet up @ Yan Palace

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