NL’s ‘farewell’ @ Tony Roma’s

NL had finally ‘escaped’ out from the hell which I did the same 2yrs 9mths+ ago. Many are still waiting for their turn 😛

And so to ‘celebrate’ her ‘success’ in ‘breaking-free’, we arranged a small ‘celebration’ at Tony Roma’s @ Orchard. She had initially chosen the branch @ Suntec, but in view of the crowd pertaining to the PC show, I suggested a switch of branch and so ended up at Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade.

We were had arranged to meet at Wisma before walking over to Orchard Hotel. But both EK and NL tua-ed me, cos they last min decided to wait for the other 2 who was on duty till 7.45pm ~______~ … so left me wandering alone till CL arrived near 7pm 😦

I’M ALWAYS SO PUNCTUAL ONE!!!!! I will try to be LATE for next appt … **grinning away**

Baked Potato Soup (S$6.90)
each mouthful was so rich and creamy … I like it!

complimentary loaves … which I dunno it was complimentary actually 😛 NL said I was too obsessed with the menu liao … hehehe …
think the dip is garlic spread 😛

Caesar Salad (S$10.90)
only one kind of vege used … not worth for the price … taste so so only …

Appetizer Sampler (S$17.90)
from left to right:
– fire wings were sweet and tender
– potato skins were not overly done, nice bit of portion too … very environment friendly 😛
– mozzarella sticks … basically cheese sticks la … not too cheesy, good for those who dun like rich cheese taste

We were actually debating on whether to order half slab or full slab. But after knowing that there were only 12 small segments for a full slab … knowing we were all BIG eaters … knowing …….

And so we ordered full slab for BOTH ribs order … and I believed we could finish more … cos they just seems not enough for us =P

The Original Baby Backs (S$33.90)
Too dry on our tastebuds. one tends to feel sick of the taste after eating a few more 😛

St. Louis-Style Ribs in Carolina Honeys sauces (S$31.90)
Tendering good. 3 sauces to choose from. Sweetening of the carolina honeys sauce was just nice.
May go for this again next time … or maybe on other sauces. Tony Roma’s Red Hots sounds good.

My cough started yst … despite feeling rather unwell, but in order not to waste a Fri hangout, I die die oso want to go out 😛

NL’s ‘farewell’ @ Tony Roma’s

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