Shopping Spree or Eating Spree?

Here we were again gathering for a good meal and ‘GSS shopping’. And inorder to have a proper retail therapy, we chosen a sat.

But much to our own surprise, we dun seems to be in a shopping mood, but rather a sleepy mood after a good late lunch meal at Aerin’s.

Spaghetti Prawn S$19
CL’s choice

Southern Grilled Chicken Sandwich S$11.50
My order … and I love it! ^___________^ … though I had a hard time finishing it up 😛

Fish & Chips S$18
AmG’s choice

Snapper S$20
EK and PL’s choice. I ate this the 1st time I was here. I like this dish. Light and tasty.
Can go for this if u thinking of getting side dishes.

Pear Salad S$12
Marked as vegetarian. Pear pcs rather, was cooked. There were cheese cubes to go with too.
The overall taste for the dish was refreshing with a nice sweetening taste from the dressing use.

Raisin Scones S$6.50
EK’s fav. Very creamy taste. A good choice too.

Baked Apple & Rhubarb Pie S$12
A signatured dessert which ‘shocked’ all of us after our heavy meals.
The dish was huge and we almost ordered to share by 2 each rather than 1 for all 5 of us. Luckily we made a right choice.
The combination of hot & cold was simply a good match here. The filling was however sour to my taste.

After leaving Aerin’s for some shopping at Citylink Mall, ‘lazy’ us ended up settling down at Xin Wang cafe @ MS for some drinks.

EK requested this order and expected everyone to share. We decided not to give in this time … hahaha … but goodie CL still gave in to her …

Our Ms Pilot EK as usual left for home with AmG, leaving only CL, PL and me.

Somehow the shopping mood wasn’t that strong. We din really ‘shop spree’ much. But rather on a eating spree, cos by near 9pm, we felt hungry and went to Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ MS for our late dinner =P

Shred Pork La Mian S$6
CL’s choice cos she cun take chicken stuffs due to her cough

Steam Pork Dumpling S$3.60
If only there were more soup inside. But overall still quite q.

Hot & Sour Soup La Mian S$7.80
My choice … and my fav of the lot. I like the spicy choking feel though the spiciness was too unacceptable for both of them 😛

Pork Fried La Mian S$9
PL’s choice. Taste like char koey teow. Tasty but too oily.

Shopping Spree or Eating Spree?

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