A Blue Monday Indeed

小妹 was off today and so joi-ed me to vivo. Though quite reluctant to go anywhere other than back home on a blue monday, I agreed since I was told that there was sales on luggages at the atrium, so might as well make a trip there then.

After settling my starhub cable box from the spoilt analog to a digital one (finally), I met up with her after she was done with her foot reflexology.

Not knowing wat to eat (I was supposed to be back home for dinner though), we ended up at Sushi Tei.

table with nice comfortable view

2 small plates of sashimi (S$14.00)

sea urchin sushi (S$10.00)
ever since my hokkaido trip, I have been hooked on to sea urchin.

my ever fav softshell crab … softshell crab sushi (S$6.00)

unagi roll (S$12.00)

We din order more cos we wasn’t quite satisfied with those dishes. They failed as compared to the HV branch.

And so we went to Tangs for the luggage buy. The sales at the atrium had unfortunately ended last week. But some luggages were still on sale in Tangs and so grabbed a bigger hush puppies brand one at 50% discount rate of S$105 to replace the spoilt one after the BKK trip.

After temporary placing the luggage at their service counter, we headed off for our dessert at Haagen Dazs.

this was the set as recommended by the staff … no kick leh : (

After all the ‘disappointments’, we went to candy empire with the hope to find my candy tin, but again another diappointment. We ended up getting some chips instead.

As it has only touched 9pm. I stopped 小妹 who wanted to call a cab cos I found that the queue at the taxi stand seems reasonably ok.

After waiting for half an hour, though the queue did moved, but not too much. By the time we reached to be 1st in the queue at ……… 10pm, there wasn’t a cab in sight for half an hour after that.

小妹 was in a frustrated state then. Same for those in the queue. And soon I realised those still in the queue were foreigners, cos locals had all either called cab or reluctantly taken the $40 surcharge (from pt A to pt B) dinosaurs (Space MPV).

Stubborn me only finally agreed to make a call and finally reached home at 11pm for a 15 mins ride : ( My parents were even waiting at the living room cos knowing us waiting at the taxistand since 9pm **paisey**

A Blue Monday Indeed

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