Lunchies @ Mart Boulevard

As mentioned previously that there were nicer Thai food nearby, I went with my colls (together with new colls) for lunchie today and took some pix of the dishes just to show NL 😛

Have been here numerous time, but everytime ended up ordering the same chicken green curry with rice ^___* All servings were very generous. And it would be better to go in a grp of 3 or more where u will be able to sample most of the yummy main courses 😀

Stewed Pork Glass Noodle (can be served with rice too) – S$5.90
Tendering pork meat in nice stewed soup.

Tom Kha Chicken – S$5.90
Nicely cooked curry with tons of tendering chicken meat and mushrooms.

Chicken Green Curry – S$5.90
My usual order. Tons of tendering chicken meat and eggplant.

Tom Yam Soup – S$5.90
Most goes with glass noodle. But u can go with rice too. Tom Yam taste was richer than the one I took at Lerk Thai though not to the extend of the super choking taste from Lemon Grass restaurant.

Thai Fishcake (5pcs) – S$5.50
I like their fishcake. A perfect combination with the thai chili sauce.

They have other dishes like Phad Thai which I dun quite like. Mainly because I still dun feel a sense of fullness after finishing it. The mango salad was oso one of the famous choice of side orders. But I would prefer the one I ate from MBK foodcourt.

I would always order their Lemongrass with Honey (S$2.50) which was very refreshing.

That’s all for a sumptous lunch ^____*

So NL, are you tempted? hehehehe…..

Lunchies @ Mart Boulevard

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