Lerk Thai @ TP Exchange

Our(NL) main target was to go for a tarot reading session just opp my office building, but we were rather taken back by the mediocre boutique … so much so that we headed straight into the ladies right infront instead for reconsideration 😛

After the short ‘discussion’ inside the toilet (ok this toilet was newly renovated and thus very very clean =P) , NL was convinced by me to spend the S$50 on meals or clothings than on an uncertain belief. (she joi-ed the wrong person to go with … hehehe …)

So we choose our dinner for the nite at Lerk Thai @ TJP Exchange … which was a big mistake : (

TJP Exchange was newly opened with new restaurants. Lerk Thai being the 1st few to open was one of new dining places for collared-workers of the region (like me) to sample out their dishes.

Vietnam Spring Roll – S$6.90
quite a good choice for health conscious ppl, but I find it too … raw … though the sauce was good.

Pineapple Rice – S$8.50
we could only taste the sweetness of the rice which came from the raisins, but there wasn’t any pineapple taste or fragrance in it.

Fried Beef Kuay Teow – S$6.50
if u are not too particular with the oiliness of the dish, it was actually the best dish among the rest. But the only drawback was the tough beef meat they use which was simply unchewable (I had to puke out many of them).

Seafood Tom Yam – S$9.50
Lack of rich tom yam taste. Only strong lemon grass tasted instead. The only thing I like about this dish was the pot they used ^_*

Thai Fish Cake – S$3.00 ea.
These were quite decent but there are better one served … nearby.

I had actually ordered Lemon Grass Drink (S$3.00) while NL ordered Ice Plum Drink (S$3.00) for herself … all we could say were … the drinks were far too diluted.

We were way too disappointed with the meal. 1st and the last for me.

As we were still quite full (food cun be wasted now even though it was badly cooked), we decided to take a walk around the region before strolling down to chinatown.

took yami yogurt (peach and natural) along the way

We decided to walk down to chinatown pt before setting back hm, and that was when I found a rare retail shop selling doraemon’s stuffs which was just few shops aways from the ‘famous’ kai kai gift shop selling hello kitty stuffs. Basically the shop which used to sell only anime dvds spilted up the floor area early this yr and started selling doraemon’s stuffs sourced from japan and thailand. And so I grabbed 2 tops for 小妹 who’s fav cartoon is doraemon.

here’s the print on one of the tees


Another coll of mine tried out recently and given the same bad feedbacks.

But so happened that I read a review from a blog that spoke high of their food. Maybe I should give them another chance and opt out those that I had taken before for better choices (at different branch too) as recommended.

Lerk Thai @ TP Exchange

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