Tai Tai Day 2008

It had been since 2 years ago that we had our 2nd Tai Tai Day.

Though we have had few shopping nites together, it was the 1st time that we went for foot reflexology together though we had planned for a medicure and pedicure session instead.

However someone was even fully utilised her half day leave on a ‘truely’ tai tai spending on shoulder massage, dead cell scrubbing, and even eyebrown embiodery other than the foot reflexology. All in all because her MIL encouraged her to enjoy herself till nite time while she helped to take care of her 花鼠仔. Not bad huh! ^___*

now u should know where 花鼠仔 inherited the 扁嘴 face from

While she was doing her dead cell scrubbing and eyebrown embiodery at 2 different places in People’s Park, both 小妹 and I went for our LATE lunch (2.40pm then) at our fav. dim sum place, Tak Po.

We din order much … just sharing on lotus leave glutinious rice 荷叶饭, rice roll 粉肠, prawn dumpling 虾饺, fried beancurd skin rolls 鲜虾腐皮卷 ^____^

We then made our way to People’s Park Centre where 大妹 joined us for desserts @ Dessert Shop.

whao! they have expanded! taking up the shop space opp as well (where we were seated at)

guess which was mine? ^__*

Our next stop was FEP. After walking around for an hour or 2, we headed off to Sakae Sushi @ Wheelock Place for … ay … dinner? … where my bottomless stomach was finally ‘filled-up’ 😛

We headed straight to NAC for some window-shopping before we ended up at Central Cafe for … dun worry not my dinner though I still order a glass of Yuan Yang to quench my thirst =P … but 小妹’s bf’s, who just knocked off from work.

Somehow both of my(our) legs were extremely tired even though we did our foot reflexology, which may be due to our stressful walking with lotion cream applied on our feet, and so we decided to head straight home after our drink.

No gain but ‘pain’ : (


My goodiness! I think I should cut down on my food intake cos I seems to get … heavier =P I do not want to turn this into a food blog : (

But … but … there’s a dinner appt on Fri and hi tea session this coming Sat. How should I go on diet leh? hmm….

Tai Tai Day 2008

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