Wasabi Tei @ FEP

Of the many japanese restaurants I had been to, this particular one was the ‘weirdest-behavior’ japanese eating hse I had encountered. Note tat it wasn’t a restaurant but a small eating hse like with a floor area of almost similar to those boutique shops on the 5th level. And yes, it was located at an unusual ‘alley’ on the 5th level which I wondered how those ppl in the long queue got to know about this eating hse in the first place.

When we reached there around 6.30pm (they were late due to heavy downpour), the only 16 seats were fully occupied. But we were lucky to be the 1st grp in a short queue (which became very long as time went by). Nevertheless, all 3 of us were quite excited with the upcoming ‘adventure’ cos we heard of good reviews of their food and oso the weird behavior of the staffs.

Menu was pasted outside their shop for fast choice while queuing cos once u are inside, they wouldn’t be giving you much time to choose, and could even tell you that there were many ppl waiting to take up the seats. And pls note to ensure that all are present before you stepped in to the eating hse, cos they DO NOT ALLOW waiting.

We witnessed a auntie trying to ‘chop’ another 2 seats for her friends who went to the toilet, but was ‘scolded’ by the taking order staff. In frustration, that auntie make an immediate call to her friend to hurry back saying those ppl were very ‘hao lian’ and dun take waiting. And immediately, the chef … cum boss I think … immediately scolded back from the kitchen not to say such word, and if she dun like she could jolly well leave cos there were still a queue outside, he wun force her to stay in. Anyway in the end, her friend finally arrived and 3 of them were seated there enjoying their sashimi as if nothing had just happened.

Whao! Seeing and hearing such happening, all of us at the bar table simply keep quiet and just mind our own business =P Luckily EK returned back in time when we had our seats (^__^;)

In usual japanese restaurant, one will be greeted by “irrashimase” (welcome in – whether were they looking at u or not when they said that), but it was a total different world here.

we dun dare to take any pix with the kind of atmosphere in the eating hse 😛

Firstly we were greeted by cramped seats and walkway sight. Afterwhich we realised the grumpy face on all the staffs … only 3 staffs to be exact. A auntie staff who take and serve orders was the main ‘frontline’ staff, while 2 other in the kitchen. The boss-cum-chef (which I strongly believed) might serve some orders as well. Kinda similar to those sushi bar where the chef will prepare the dish and serve straight to you.

A straight $2 will be imposed on any drink you choose (with given choices) for each seat.

Soon the appetizer were served, and I finished up the porky thingy with seaweed in some special sauce in no time, while the other 2 saved some to go with their rice … I guess I was too hungry then @_@

I ordered a simple grilled beef don set cos I want to try out how nicely grilled the beef could be and the rice too. EK ordered cod fish set while JT ordered salmon fish set. All our sets inclusive of miso soup and fruits, and of cos the appetizer too. We had a taste from each of our dish and unanimously agreed that their grilled fishes were very fresh and tendering beef too, but our eyes blinked each time sashimi was served pass us 😛 We will try them in our next visit.

With no gst, no service charge, everything based on nett and cash payment, our bill came up to S$32 which we wondered how the leftover of S$2 came about even after we checked on the menu pasted outside the shop. Anyway this ‘mysterious’ S$2 was later spent on a drink-cum-fries at McCafe opp FEP after our recce trip at the DFS.


Many reviews referred them as husband-and-wife … so that ‘auntie’ is the wife and not only a staff there 😛

But I seems to remember seeing another person wearing blue helping inside the kitchen too, which was why I ‘thought’ there were 3 staffs. Or maybe it was just my ‘imagination’? (=V_V=)

Wasabi Tei @ FEP

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