Central Mall? No … it’s The Central

I wun go into too much details on the difficulties in ‘organising’ this gathering dinner. 太烦了!哎~~

The initial plan was to have a dinner at Ikoi Japanese Restaurant in Miramar Hotel. But we were too late to book a table due to a late confirmation of attendance. And so I proposed a change of venue to Sun with Moon at Central Mall.

The joke about this Sun with Moon was … MY mistaken it for a change of appt to sun or mon (cos I put Sun n Moon in the sms =P).

Next joke, Central Mall. I had never know that there is a “Central Mall” located in a ulu lane opp the main road. While all along this ‘Central Mall’ that I knew of is actually called The Central. Poor MY made a wasted trip and walked all the way to our meeting pt, THE CENTRAL. ***solly m(^__^)m***

Oh ya! And I had changed venue to Waraku (more ‘economical’ pricings) instead since some already questioned about the pricings and menu type at Sun with Moon (~_~;)

We were given a riverview window table ^_______^

I ordered my usual Cha Soba … and the other 2 ‘copied’ me … hehehe …

And of cos Okonomi Yaki … highly recommended by me 😀

Yakitori Touban Yaki – the rest was too fast in action for me to ‘snatch’, and so I dun quite remember how this dish actually tasted. But one thing for sure, the chicken meat was good … maybe because it wasn’t breast meat 😛

Salmon Teriyaki which MZ ordered it along with a bowl of rice. I din try out on this cos I had been taking fried/steamed salmon quite often lately as it was in my mum’s diet.

Tempura Yasai Mori – not a good choice. This can be skipped the next time I’m there again.

Seafood curry udon – LC was actually in a dilemma (though she was very hungry) and started panicking when the rest had placed their orders. The friendly crew who took our orders saw this situation quickly helped to stream down her choice of food and eventually to seafood curry udon. We were quite amazed with that ^___^

Potato Mensai – very guilty though cos it was full of cheese … but but … it was great! The mixture of cheese and potato … u simply got to eat it hot ^_* We just felt that the pan was too small to be share among 5 of us … cos it was emptied out in no time =P

Total bill for the 5 of us was a nice $111.11 ***4D 4D***

As the rest had to leave for home earlier after a ‘speedy’ chat, only Cat, MZ and me went on for a drink at Coffee Club.

once again we were given a riverview window table ^___^

Muddy Mud Pie
this is a must order for chocolate lover

Mango Peach Smoothie
taste ok but not so fantastic. I would prefer a stronger mango taste : )

Strawberry Smoothie
too sweet that made me felt very ‘fainty’ :S

Ice Earl Vanilla (think it’s called something like dat)
my order … fragrant Earl Grey with sweet vanilla, quite a refreshing drink which one wun feel too guilty with =P

Central Mall? No … it’s The Central

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