4D3N 新加坡探访之游

20-21 Mar Thurs-Fri

Well … as mentioned in previous post, another grp who were waiting for me at hm were none other than my 2 dear aunts and M from Melaka.

The main purpose of this trip was to visit 妈咪 which would have been earlier if not for the cny and work commitments. Anyway, 有心了 ^^

2ndly, the elderlys were rather eager to see our 花鼠仔 cos they had never seen him since he was borned, but only thru the pix attached in the online albums.

And since their purposes of this trip weren’t to shop actually, inorder not to get them feel bored for the trip, we brought them down to our hawker centre for early breakfast (I would have slept till late hrs on a Sat :P) for the famous wanton mee and economical chee cheong fan + wu tao gou … my fav mah 😀

After our breakfast, we went back to our void deck to wait for 妈咪’s friend, who was going to pass some laksa leaves for 妈咪 to brew as drink.

It was a funnie sight when u see a grp of aunties comparing the marketing they had done, not only thru their mouth (spoken) … but thru their hands. Yes hands, as in … they literally took out each and every items from their marketing plastic bags.

M and I were amazed by the sight and I took a pix of them secretly while hiding behind M … hehehe …

One thing for sure, their unselfishness of sharing stuffs* they bought IS something worth for us to learn.

*unselfishness of sharing stuffs = simply give out without inexchange of $$ or other stuffs

见面礼 angbaos from the his grandaunts … dun he look adorably cute in romper ^___*

花鼠仔 will be 4mths old in another 2 days, and so we decided to have his hair fully shaved. Surprisingly he was very cooperative throughout the whole ‘shaving ceremony’ … good boy ^___^

花鼠仔 is now a 小和尚 ^_______^

22 Mar Sat

Now, one more day to spend, and so we decided to bring them to AMK hub … shopping together with 花鼠仔 ^____^

Right after we reached the mall, we headed off to Pin Si for our lunch. As there would still be awhile for any available and suitable table, we went for a short stroll after leaving our contact no with the staff.

When we thought we could ‘safely’ handover 花鼠仔 for the 2 elderlys to look after while T went for his toy shopping and we 3 gals went for our clothes shopping. Just as we made a small turn out of sight of 花鼠仔 and 2 aunts, we heard a familiar thunderous cry. Wat we saw upon our return was T calming down of his son with shocked faces from the 2 elderlys … plus eyes from everyone around that area.

Well, wat happened was, 花鼠仔 was frightened by a sudden pop-in face of Ema. And dunno was it because he understood the meaning of “妈咪他们不要你了”, he cried in fright. Poor boy … though it was really a funnie sight =P

So after calming him down and patted him to sleep, we received a call from Pin Si. We were all making orders in the slightest noise possible but still 花鼠仔 woke up and cry : (

As he still seemed to be in fright with the earlier incident, we took turns to bring him out of the restaurant for a stroll cos he love to be carried and look around @_@

their snacks were good d(^__^)

猪扒包 which was totally different from those in Macau … they used teriyaki sauce instead which actually taste good too : )

looks and taste were equally bad … can forgo this.

We were also sourcing for a suitable bb walker at the ntuc x but look how scare he was when I placed him into those walkers. He dun dare to move much … hehehe …

23 Mar Sun

Before they set off to Melaka in the evening, I had my shaving … oh no it’s hair cut … absolutely FREE by my veteran Ema ^___________^

how’s my hair cut? ^__*

4D3N 新加坡探访之游

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