Horton + Cafe Cartel @ PS

“A person’s a person, no matter how small”, a tagline in the movie. The message was clear and simple, but how often do ppl really practice that? There are too many arrogant ppl around.

The whole movie was simply a bedtime kind of storytale movie, which didn’t managed to make a nonsense kid to be quietly sitted down. If not for the $4 offered ticket organised by XXXXXX, I dun think I will spend the $$ on this =P

*** side track *** the nacho with cheese was yummy ^______^

It was until the end of the movie that I realised the voice behind Horton belongs to Jim Carrey. Nothing special … cos I only know who is Jim Carrey … hehehe …

After the show, all 11 of us went for our late dinner at the Cafe Cartel.


Passion Colder – just a ice blended mango drink with vanilla ice-cream

Cesar Salad – oh dear! I forgotten how good or bad it was, cos it was the 1st dish after our 3 hrs of ‘fasting’.

Seafood Jumbo Combo – The problem with sharing food on a long table, one tends to miss out some food.
I managed to grab abit from here and there except for this combo set which I was only ‘offered’ fried potato and prawn : (.

Pan Fried Linguine – taste very much like hokkien fried carrot cake … yummy.

Garlic Chesse & Herb Bread – very crunchy and I took 2 cos it was nearer to me 😛

St Louis Pork Ribs – very tenderly yummy!!!! I regretted to take the bigger cut of it though they were all cutted up by me!!!!

Country Chicken Stew – this was nice too which I dunno how it would be if I were to take the whole bowl of it.

I was lucky to be offered a free ride back home … and so I ‘abandoned’ the rest and went off with AY and her bf (not in the grp pix) =P

Sumimasen m(=^__^=)m, got to be home ‘early’ cos there were visitors waiting for me at hm.

Horton + Cafe Cartel @ PS

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