Marche @ Vivo

Hmm … when was the last time we get together? … during GM’s bb’s full mth which was last Apr :-O So the girl is now almost 1yr old. And BT’s thunderous cry (according to the couple) bb gal was already 1yr old+. How times fly …

C going 1 next mth … whao!

Look! The gal looked more like his brother, which is another cute boy ^___^

Other than our ‘usual’ high tea hangout at Merchant Court, we chosen Marche @ Vivo.

My first trip to this branch. Quite a nice and cold cosy place. They had replaced the stamping paper card to electronic card instead.

After browsing around for … 15mins or so, I finally decided on the seabass filet, which was a better choice than BT’s order of their (rather dry) chicken and GM’s order of their kampong chicken.

Seabass Filet (S$14.50) / Squid (S$9.95) / Baked Potato (S$2.80)

Seabass was nicely grilled, which didn’t leave any fishy smell behind. Servicing was just nice if you want to try out on the others as well. But mind you, the price was higher than that of the grilled chicken.

The squids were nicely fried, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside … though a bit oily.

Baked potato was nicely baked, with a bit of sour cream and bacons, it was simply perfect! ^__^

For whoever’s info, all the above were my order =P

And of cos, not to forget my fav drink order in Marche … Ginge Bunda Root Beer (S$3.20)!!!!

Quite a nice gathering … cos I was chauffeured to and back = P


the unintentioned ‘pool’ at the skypark was under maintenance since the last time I was here half a mth ago. I wonder how it will be when it was reopened.

Marche @ Vivo

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