Monday Blues huh …

To clear away our Monday Blues **excuses :P**, we opted for a dinner meet up at PS.

After Ms Pilot ‘flown off’, PL last min informed us that she couldn’t make it cos she need to clear her work before she leave for an op that make her rest for a mth. Poor PL.

However the dinner at Ichiban Sushi was quite disappointed.

tempura was quite cold and not as crunchy

I ordered this Eel-dunno-wat Don. Dun feel any excitement to the overall taste.

was very disappointed with my fav soft-shell crabs … non-crispy at all and was quite tough to chew (nothing to do with our teeth =P )
I want my CRABS!!!!!!!

this mth promotion: Black Pepper Kaisen Wazen
Shiromi & calamaries with black pepper sauce, chawanmushi, rice, miso soup and fruit all for $10.90! Food wise mah …

After the disappointed dinner, we decided to pamper ourselves better and so we headed off to Geláre for their ice-cream … which yet another disappointment.

First we were like dunno which flavour to choose and stood there for quite some times until the friendly ‘ice-cream man’ came to our ‘rescue’, passing us a menu so that we can sit down and take our times to choose. But still, WE COULDN’T MAKE UP OUR MIND!!!! And so, he recommended me to try out the ice cream (=^__^=)

And so I choose honey malt crunch and left the other 2 flavours to NL ^_____^

Pistachio taste like medicine to me
Mango Sorbet taste bitter to me
Honey malt crunch was the nicest … hahahaha… so I finished up the whole of it

This chocolate chips muffin was a TOTAL FAILURE!!!!! No matter how we forced ourselves to ‘sollow’ it down, we simply couldn’t do it. So u can guess how bad it was. Tasteless! Seems to me like masak food.

Other than satisfaction on the uncrowded shopping mall, the rest were …

The chefs must be having Monday Blues too 😦

Monday Blues huh …

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