Botak Jones @ Clementi (AGAIN)

Wah! Someone actually joi me out … hehehe … since it was near my ‘territory’, I obliged to her ‘invitation’ for the dinner ^____^

We 3 were back at Botak Jones again!!! This time round no more “hide & seek” and so managed to reach there early and found a nice spot =P

While I was still deciding on my order, the other 2 ‘dumped’ me aside and left for the nearby confectionery for their famous yummy wholemeal loaves. EK was nice to offer me 3 pcs ^_*

This shows how important packaging can be. Which pack will u choose?

Serving was fast this time but …

Caesar salad that no longer taste so refreshing and crunchy

Cajun Chicken that downsized and rather cold

Ham & Cheese Sandwich (1st time ordering) that served rather cold and too cheesy (complained by NL)

Only my Fish & Chip was served hot and fresh cos there seems no way not to fry it before serving out.
Just by heating up on microwave or oven will only make a pre-fried fish soggy. (that’s our thinking only :P)

Ok something not relevant to food 😛 …

Someone who claimed that she will not post her horrendous face (after cutting short of her hair) till she find a satisfactory, fake “slim-looking” photo.



hehehe … ok hor … I din place a 500 pixel pix of u hor =P

Botak Jones @ Clementi (AGAIN)

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