CNY Visitings of the Year

Today is the 1st CNY visiting since the start of the CNY, which I forsee it to be the only one.

All 8 of us planned on a 3-visitings-trips-in-a-day, starting from 2x Woodlands to 1x Sembawang.

I dropped by at 大妹’s hse since AG’s hse was within walking distance. As usual, I was the most punctual one ^__*

A big spread awaiting us, which according to AG was a 临时抱佛脚 preparation. Wah! So if she had made plan for us, wouldn’t it be 满汉全席? :-O

After staying around for 3 hrs and before we decided to make a move for the next hse, I felt some hidden conspiracy spreading in the air. Totally unknown to us(me), they brought out a birthday cake for the 3 of us, me (belated), EL (belated) and AG (pre). How nice ^___^ though it was bought last min and 1 cake for 3 birthday gals … hahaha … it’s the thought that count la …

It was 7+ by the time we reached babygal’s hse, cos we waited almost 30mins for the feeder bus ** hit forehead **

After ta-bao-ing some nicey tzs char from babygals’ hse nearby coffeeshop, we headed off in 2 cabs to EK’s hse, our last hse for the day’s visitings. It was near 10 by the time we settled down at her hse.

these bunch of goodies had been “following” us through all our visitings … my unique way of clearing ‘leftovers’ =P

my birthday gift … hello kitty! =(^_^)=

Let’s do this again next year ^__* (I will ‘pack’ my hse ‘presentably’ enough for u all to come 😛 **faded away**)

CNY Visitings of the Year

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