Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon

Although we were going to join the rest for the mass cny visitings the next day, but it seems that we couldn’t wait any longer and decided to meet up today too 😛

We decided on Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon just because NL has never been here before.

All 3 of us had taken this set. But my set was different from theirs … or rather theirs were different from the original. Can u spot the difference? ^___*

Simple is good : ) Obviously green tea ice cream was mine (and CL’s). Only NL chose the NORMAL vanilla flavour one.

While they were ‘strolling’ for sales coach bag, I came across this display at the NAC information counter and was rather fasinated with how the 荫柳 could actually be wrapped in such a way, only to realise that there were quite a no. of such pot at many corners in NAC @_@

We ended up at Topshop AGAIN … cos no choice, most shops were closed or near closing after our dinner : (

We had a small chat @ starbucks, accompanied with these colourful frappuccino. Raspberry one was mine … cos I was attracted by the pink colour ^__* … which happened to be the best choice among the 3 =P

Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon

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