Pot-Luck @ Northeast

The last xmas gathering of the yr was held at AL & SL’s hse … for a small planned pot-luck dinner.

Before reaching their place, ST, Sharky and I met up for gift exchange at compass pt.

nike towel for my yoga class / simple yet usable student’s handmade sling bag from BKK

This meal was my only xmas-feel dinner I had this yr.

Seafood salad prepared by ST. Whao! I loved it! Very refreshing and crunchy. I would like to try this out next yr : )

This yummy honey roasted pork ribs from cold storage were sponsored by the-dunno-how-to-cook Sharky and me 😛

Spaghetti prepared by AL & SL. I like the sauce they prepared, with lots of mushrooms and sausages in them ^_^

This is bb xavier … such a tall boy for a 1yr+ old kid. If u noticed the background, he will be having a sibling soon next yr ^___*

Pot-Luck @ Northeast

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