A Simple Xmas Eve

these are part of the gifts placed on my desk before I stepped in (wrapped up of cos). kinda same tone colours huh?!

received this log cake from Amara hotel … chocolate flavour … smooth and melt in the mouth … yummy ^__^


This yr seems rather special cos office declared half day on xmas eve, and so I got to go to 大妹 hse in the afternoon. And it was then that I finally get to see the bb cot sponsored by me … so sweet wor =P

Initially we planned just to put down the groceries we bought at her hse, cos from tomorrow onwards, 妈咪 will move in to take care of little chipmunk for about a mth (returning bk hm over the weekends … for resting ^_*). So after the ‘invitation’ from T to visit little chipmunk at his mum’s place, without much thought, we ‘dashed’ down to see little chipmunk ^____^

Heard from them that he had been crying constantly in the middle of the nite. Poor boy! … yst crowd might have frightened him up.

This seems to be the most comfortable position for him … so cuteeeeee ^__________^

A Simple Xmas Eve

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