The Annual Dept Events

I thought I will not be able to enjoy this date and so I did not fully charged my digicam’s battery. And then I regretted … [with reference to previous post]

As planned, we 浩浩荡荡 left the office and head off to marina south in 6 cars for our bowling tournment. Everyone was so energetic during the 1st round of game. Some played with us for the 1st time. Some played only once a year … which included me =P It was quite fun actually, though the mentality of having “$$ thrown into the drain” still existed in our mind.

As the game came to the 2nd round, one could easier feel tiredness … or hungriness from everyone, as could be seen from their scoring 😛

We finally ended our 2hrs of game and heading off to the Italian restaurant, Pasta Brava, at craig road.

Whole of level 2 were reserved for our function without charging us extra on the booking. And I heard from 老爸 that they actually treated him on a set meal when he came for the booking. Well, our staffs were regular customers of theirs, that’s why.

LX and I had wanted to arrive at the restaurant earlier for setting up the lucky draw corner as well as lucky dip of their seats. We were not supposed to sit as per our choice cos 老爸 wanted everyone to mix around rather than having ‘gangs’. I was lucky to be able to sit beside my own gang, and oso with LX whom we could count on each other for the upcoming prize presentations and lucky draws near the end of the dinner. Wat more, I’m the ‘chair-woman’ of the long table of 25pax :-O They said I could have an unblocked view from taking pix =P

After the ‘official’ opening speech by 老爸, AK wanted to give a speech too. Everyone was actually interested in that cos all wanted to know how many mths of bonus we getting this yr. But of course, none of that was heard :-\ Anyway I wasn’t listening cos I was too faraway……

Funghi Trifolati Alla Romana (basically sauteed portobello mushrooms) and Calamari Fritti (basically deep-fried squid served with a spice tomato sauce) were served as our appetiser. When I first had my hands on the menu before this eventful date, I was wondering if I would have enough to fill up my stomach … “mushrooms and squids only” I thought =P Everyone was seen ‘gulping away’ cos this was the 1st intake of the nite though the breads from the bread basket had been swept out before that … and you must understand, it was almost 8.50pm then.

Next was this black black ink thing … Spaghetti Pescatore Al Nero Di Seppia …very cheem rite? It was bascially … spaghetti cooked with seafood and black squid ink. Mine was exceptional BLACK and THICK … when I had my 1st bite and 1st smile, everyone was trying hard not to show their mouth even though they had wanted to laugh out loud.

it was my 1st time to see him laugh like dat … hahahaha … so funnie meh 😛

Anyway I dun like this dish cos it was very salty and … the kind of after food effect on my teeth was like … 2 super smooth and cleaned teeth rubbed against each other which caused the kind of creaking sound. But still I was surprised to see most of them finished it up :-O Maybe mine was really too THICK!!!

Our main course will be a choice of 1 from Scaloppine Di Vitello Al Marsala (thin slices of veal cooked with marsala wine and mushrooms) and Branzino All Livornese (seabream oven-baked with black olives, capers and herbs). Both dishes were served with roasted potato and garden vege. (POTATO?! My favourite!!!!) I chose the 1st one after knowing that veal is calf meat than fish.

Scaloppine Di Vitello Al Marsala

The meat was very tender and easy to chew with. Portion wasn’t very big but just nice for me since I had taken bread, an appetiser and spaghetti.

Branzino All Livornese

I was offered to try on this. Nothing special, simply smoked-salmon-taste-alike. But it was quite a nice dish for those ‘super’ health conscious ppl or those who dun take beef.

While waiting for the main course, all of us started toasting to BS after knowing that her bd fell on the next day. But this BD toasting din stop after that. 老爸 went around toasting to birthday girls, be it a post-mth bd or coming up bds in jan/feb. Everyone started to feel ‘crazy’ and follow suit, disclosing bd around. And of course I wasn’t spared since mine will be next mth. I was ‘forced’ down a glass of red wine.

Soon it was dessert time. Tiramisu, Tartufo Ice-cream and Cassata Ice-cream was our choice. I was clever enough to check out on Tartufo and Cassata on the internet before making my choice. But 聪明反被聪明误, even though I found out that Tartufo is italian chocolate ice-cream and Cassata is italian vanilla ice-cream, the best went to their Tiramisu!!! How I know? I was ‘胃劳-ed’ by 老爸 =P

Cassata Ice-cream

Tartufo Ice-cream


I din finished up my choice of tartufo, cos 1st, it wasn’t that super nice, and lastly, it was 10+ and we had yet to have our prize presentations and lucky draws.

As the draws came nearer to the 1st 3 lucky winners … which include me =^^=, SM gave a ‘stupid’ suggestion. After seeking approval from 老爸, the waiter came back with a bottle of red wine and 3 glasses, filling up each glasses according. I was already ‘red-ed’ since my 1st intake of the red wine during the toasting time, and so when I saw this, I was almost in a dilemma. I was not sure if I could intake any more of the wine :-O

Luckily or unluckily of me, my no. was called out 1st. I took the least filled up glass and gluped down the wine. There was only an instant that I couldn’t stand properly, but overall I was fine =P

It seemed that everyone … or rather someone was in high spirit, we were still stuck in the restaurant, no allowing to leave. My mind was totally switched off after being thanked by everyone for the hardwork of organising this event, I wasn’t listening to wat those speeches were.

It was 11+ by the time we left the restaurant. Hardwork DOES paid off ^____^

The Annual Dept Events

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