Long-awaited Illustration Book

Ever since I came to know of the releasing of this illustration book from a hong kong webmaster which I frequented her website for the past 5yrs, I had been asking around for anyone who could help me to buy from HK since it wasn’t released out of HK.

From the mth (Dec 2006) it was released till this date, no one had been able to find it.

By the time this book was found by the least expected person who helped in search for it during her company intensive trip to HK end Sept, it was already in 9th edition, and I heard a new issue will be out soon.

I really appreciated the gesture. And best of all, it was my xmas gift =P

And now, I hope someone (who had already promised me) could help me to find these tv buddies during his march business trip =^_^=.

Long-awaited Illustration Book

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