And They Live Happily Ever After

“Enchanted was a movie about animated characters to the real world as real people with combination of the classic disney scenes.”

Sounds interesting right? And so today I went to watch with SK : )

We went for a yummy dinner at the Tiong Bahru foodcourt ^___^

Well, you shouldn’t be expecting anything realistic or practical in this movie. Like wat I read from a review, “go to the cinema with a relax mind and then you will surely and truely be able to enjoy yourself with “Enchanted”, and laugh along throughout the entire movie.”. And I did that! :))

The whole movie was indeed enjoying. I especially like the musical scenes of “Happy Working Song” and “That’s How You Know”.

I still couldn’t get myself to like those cockroaches after watching this “Happy Working Song” … they still gave me goose pimples when they appeared =P

This was a huge production man! I think I’m beginning to like musical stage play after watching this. How could anyone know what the dance steps should be when someone simply sing a song? … well, it was fairytale ya =P

Highly recommended movie to all! But mind, though it was a fairytale movie, I still dun find it suitable for little kids cos it was more of a romance show than a REAL cartoon.

After watching this movie, I preferred Robert to Prince Edward … cos he was more man and charming … and funnie sometimes =P

I like Giselle too … cos of her simplicity. Sometimes in life, nothing is actually so complicated. It was our mind that make it less simple ^___^

Oh ya! And oso chipmunk PIP, he was soooooo cute!!!! That reminds me of my nephew … hehehe …

Last but not least, wat in my mind now was … to own this movie dvd and the ost too ^_*

And They Live Happily Ever After

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