Xmas Season Headaches

“any recommendation for xmas gathering?”, “any suggestion for our gathering” … any this any that … these are what I have been getting lately.

Not that I’m a fussy person, which actually I’m the most qing cai one who goes with the majority, especially to those with families. So why ask a single for suggestion when the ‘problem’ lies with those ppl?

Oh! Am I complaining on my dear friends again? No no … I just hate to organise when I’m the most qing cai person #:-\

I would rather … “want to meet up for a gathering on xmas?” or “want to try/go blah-blah-blah for our xmas gathering”. I believed suggestions will come promptly and willingly for this =)

And as per each xmas season, I am always hoping for some creative greeting cards. So let’s see if I get any this year. Each and every one will be posted up oh ^_____*

Xmas Season Headaches

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